Friday, March 26, 2010

Thanks for the encouragement

With so many artists today doing art digitally, I'm falling behind. I have Photoshop Elements but can't figure it out. I can get my photos organized but I haven't figured out how to layer and add backgrounds etc.
I just envy all you computer wizards. I need someone sitting beside me to work with me. Once I can see what's happening on the screen if you push one button or other, then I'm ok. I can pick anything up once I see it. So...excuse my cut, glue and colour.
So thanks for the comments and encouragement.


  1. Your so clever Tolegranny, you will figure it out. I love all your new artwork,really great....
    Can't wait to see what white rabbit pops up in your work soon. No little Alice in my snail mail yet. hahaha.Something to look forward too.
    Keep up the great work,such a pleasure to visit.

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog re: 'Alice' images from the movie, at you are able to download the posters for many movies. Seen many characters from the movie on other blogs, too. Regarding your Photoshop Elements, Google basic PSE tutorials to get you started. Must admit someone at the side would be helpful even now to get me further on! Give it a go & good luck!