Monday, November 30, 2009

These 7 pictures represents my beginnings of a journal. I was trying to take Teesha Moore's ideas and make my own creations. The pages didn't come out in order of how I did them, and there is one I still have to finish. Journalling is one thing I find difficult to do. I am so controlled and I need to free myself and allow myself just create what I feel.

Last day of November

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The last weekend

I'm still working away on decorating for Christmas and making vintage paper balls for a church ladies group. I know I'm really missing out of some great blog challenge themes. I just can't spread myself too thin at this time of year. I haven't even started my Christmas cards, but since I send alot of cards out all year I won't be making too many. I have so much Christmas stuff though. Christmas is such a great time of year to create. I love winter and the colours winter brings. This week I'm planning to be a little more productive. I found this little image somewhere out in space.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Slowing down

I'm slowing down in doing any new art or blog challenges. I need to work on Christmas cards and other bits and pieces. It's a busy time of year. I've already put up 1 tree out of 3. I've also spent Saturday de-cluttering and downsizing my Christmas ornaments and other display items. I've given away all my Halloween things. I don't think I will be decorating that much anymore. I'm getting too old to fuss taking things out, unpacking and pack up again and put them away. In the new year I will spend more time working on new art, challenges and my journal. I've always wanted to make an art journal but time just seems to get in the way. The only thing I've created was a house for a Home For the Holidays swap which I will post here now. This was a challenge for me and I lost patience with it. I will try to post now and then to let you all know I'm still alive and well.
Hope you have enjoyed my blog and don't be shy and become a follower. We all love to hear your comments too. Stay in touch.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A stale week

Since I haven't done anything this week, I thought I would put up a pear card I made this summer. It was on my other blog but I think it works here as well. I've also been doing Vintage paper Christmas balls with poinsettas. I used the Nestablities poinsetta die. I've pulling my hair trying to come up with a decorated house for a swap called Home For the Holidays. It just isn't working for me this week. Haven't worked on any challenges either. Maybe next week will be a better creative week.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trying to resize

For today since I won't have time to create that I would try out resizing the picture from the help Maria sent me. I hope it works. This is a card from a series of vintage alphebet cards.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I wish I knew how to enlarge or reduce the pictures. I use my camera to take the pictures and I haven't been able to get the size I need to you can see the pictures at the right size.

Singing Duo

Singing Duo...a pair of pretty bluebirds singing their love to each other. Pairs is the theme for this weeks challenge on Three Muses blog.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't you just love giveaways?

Check out this blog for a great giveaway...

Think Monday-Think ATC

I thought I would try to do the brown challenge on TMTA blog

Lord Frederick Leighton

This week's challenge on is Lord Frederick Leighton. Here is my rendition of this Lady in Blue.