Friday, March 12, 2010

The Art Doll wonders who she is

She looks in the mirror and wonders who she is. She only sees the inner soul not the aging body outside. Made of paper that's all she is, but maybe she represents me as I get older but feel so much younger inside.
Misc. stamps by Character Constructions, flowers by Prima, assorted brads and tulle make up her life.


  1. Wow Lennine an "Art Doll",be still my heart. lol She is an awesome gal,that's for sure. I love the use of the flower for the tutu,very creative clever idea!!!! Her tutu is just so darling and so is she. Makes my day seeing your wonderful art doll. I hope to see more ,way a go girlfriend.
    Really nice story too, thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Laura.

  2. Love your dolls, they're just awesome!!