Friday, March 12, 2010

Flower Power or is it Flour

Laura over at Creative Whisper is so creative when it comes to paper art dolls and is always encouraging me to do them more often. After talking to her yesterday, I thought I would spent the day making these 2 dolls. Doll stamps by Character Construction, legs from ArtChix, flowers from Prima and flower image from seed catalogue. Flower catalogues are hope for spring.


  1. They are both lovely... I haven't made paper dolls since I was a kid. I might have to make some... They look just as fun as they used to be.

  2. Your dolls are both well Dolls! just adorable in every way! Its great playing like a kid again, isnt it!

  3. They are fabulous. I love all the different elements you've used to create them.

  4. Hi Lennine,
    What a creative art doll,she is so dazzling. Your imagination is so wonderful.I love the flower theme idea,great red colors too. The little shoes are adorable you used.You really made her your own !! I get a big giggle when other artists compare art dolls to when they played with paper dolls as a child.They should really try to create one and see the work that goes into creating them. As a little girl you would punch them out of the store bought book and add the picture outfits of the clothes to the all ready manufactured "not unigue handmade" paper doll.As a child I never created art paper dolls,a child would not have the skills to create this art style.I sometimes spend up to seven hours creating just one art doll !! They are an expression of art,to be admired. Not something a child plays with.Sorry but it gets old hearing art dolls are something children play with.
    I am so thrilled for you Lennine,enjoying another style of Mixed Media art.
    You go girlfriend,excellent.
    Hugs Laura.
    This is only my opinion,everyone has a right to theirown. Which I respect fully,it is good to share ideas. : )
    Happy creating.

  5. Your art dolls are wonderful! You took the leap with beautiful results! xxoo

  6. Your dolls are amazing and it really puts me in the mood to make some :))