Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ok...I started again..part 1

I joined Willowing Art, Heart and Healing. She has encouraged me to try my hand at portraits, so here is part one because I'm going to work on a funky background and put my positive feelings into it. Come travel with me in my new adventure of romancing the artist within.


  1. you have made a great start there and looking forward to seeing the background which is the fun sure to try the drippy paint bit

  2. A wonderful beginning! I'm so happy you are taking the journey with portraits. It takes a lot of practice and time is always the factor with me. However, I really like what you've done and look forward to seeing your portraits evolve. Nice job! xxoo

  3. Wow I love her purple hair and what a wonderful new journey you are taking.I have to get my pencil going more.
    What a very good # 2 drawing.
    Thank you for your honesty about my art,I got rid of my crossword puzzle.That was not the look ...
    Have a nice day. Hugs Laura. xoxx