Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Out of my studio

I've been removed from my studio due to renovations. I should be back to normal by June 1st. I miss my creative play time, especially the blog challenges. Then I will start my workshops with Susi Blu and get busy on other things I want to do. So keep cheering me on. Thanks to all my followers..Love you guys. You make my art worthwhile.


  1. How exciting a new studio renovation, be sure and share pictures with us.

  2. T.G. it is going to be so nice when all the studio work is completed. You will have something to look forward to soon. How was your time away?
    I used the tulip shirt stamp and it was lovely.
    I mixed the piece's with Character Constructions,I loved creating the lady with the beard. hahaha You know the art doll face,I mean. I just love her too.
    Best wishes with Suzi on line course, it will be a new art beginning for you.
    I am feeling very worried at this time, my Mom is in the hospital.
    Thinking of you and Happy Creating. Hugs Laura. xoxx