Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing new

I haven't been doing much these days but monitoring the mixed media yahoogroup I manage. We have lots of swaps doing on continually and that keeps me busy. We are a small group but constantly busy. It's high traffic for such a small group. I like it that way. I like fun, happy, chatty groups. I find we make friends that way and some long lasting.
I'm trying to work on Easter cards, atcs, tags, inchies besides painting wooden ornaments. I also spend too much time blog hopping. There are so many great artists out there that I like to glean from.
I hope to get back to doing some more blog daily challanges. See you soon.
I always welcome comments and followers on both my blogs. If you haven't been to my other blog you will find it at http://tolegranny.blogspot.com


  1. Hey Tolegranny,
    Love the blog change,it is above awesome !!!
    What a pleasure to visit and the rabbit is so cute. I just want to stay and keep admiring your new look. Way a go, Sweet !!!
    Happy Friday and Happy Creating.
    What a snowy day here, I welcome spring....

  2. I know too well how much time it takes to blog hop...and read tons of e-mails! I sometimes wonder what I did all day and then I realize that I only did those things! Ugh!