Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm home

We had a wonderful time in BC for 10 days. The weather was nice between 17-21c and sunny everyday. We drove and stayed in Kelowna for a few days. I love stopping at the roadside markets to sample their fresh fruit. I didn't find any stamping or scrapbooking stores until the last day we left Kelowna...on the way out we found a scrapbooking store called Memories & More. I bought a few Tim Holtz stuff that I didn't have plus I picked up some Studio Multi Medium to try. Today I worked on my Halloween Box. I redid the inside on the top part and I think I like it better now. So I will take pictures of it later and post them. I checked out some of my favourite blogs today to see what everyone has been up too. Some great art out there. Time for me to get back to the drawing board and start producing the art in my heart.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Home Tolegranny,so glad your trip was great. It is always nice to go away but great to arrive home.
    I order 4 new character construcions stamp plates, yippy.
    I AM SO EXCITED, THEY ARE VERY COOL. I ordered from the newest collection.
    Enjoy your night,Hugs Laura.
    I was very sad for Dee,thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy creating.