Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up Monday

My first domino experience. I used Tim Holtz alcohol inks and then stamped a clown head. Added a little clock, beads, a pin back and voila. This is for an exchange so I hope my partner likes it.
I haven't done too much in the last week, so this week is catch up week. There are several swaps I need to finish and get in the mail, so I hope I make the deadline. I will try to post more often this week. I've also started walking. Boy am I out of shape. I can only go around a short blog and my chins are screaming, my heart is pounding...but I must press on. It's good for me right?


  1. How fun and anyone would love to receive this in a swap. Good for you, walking is great exercise, keep it up I'm rooting for you!

  2. Just love these dom's! Great colors, great theme and lovely finishing touches.

  3. These are wonderful,excellent art work.
    Love the colors.
    Great Lennine !!
    Good luck with the walking, so good for you.