Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Leaves

I just love fall or autumn especially the trees changing colours. Here in Ontario we have such beautiful colourful maples and other trees and shrubs. So here is a couple of atcs I worked on last night. They are simple in style but I think they make the point.


  1. Yes! The beautiful maple leaves.. I love them as well. We have not had any fall changes yet in NY. Your ATC's are perfect!

  2. Love these! You have really captured the fall colors!

  3. I am back and the Andrea Bird Encaustic Meduim class weekend was excellent. You can see on my blog.
    You did a marvelous job showing the beauty of fall in Ontario. I love this time of year.
    See ya, Hugs Laura.

  4. Ohhh these are beautiful. I love autumn so much and especially in art like this
    Hugs June x

  5. Wonderful colours in your atcs. I especially love the background of the card on the left. Lovely!