Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunday "White Wedding"

Sunday morning I was in was raining. I was thinking of all the preparations and work my sister put into this wedding. It was to be an outdoor wedding by the lake. It's a good thing the wedding tent could hold 100plus people. We picked up my mother and headed up to the lake for the 3:30pm wedding. It had poured buckets so the tent was under 3" of water. No one seemed to mind. The sun came out long enough for the ceremony and pictures. Then the thunder and lightening hit. Everyone scrambled to their seats and the meal was served. Most people took off their shoes and socks. My ss & bil had layed fresh grass so it was spongy but everyone enjoyed themselves. The wedding went through the night. After dinner and the toasts to the bride and groom, they showed life stories beamed on the roof of the tent. Midnight there was fireworks. Us oldies had gone home by then. They served a breakfast next morning which we didn't make. We had to head home early. The first picture is of our family, my brother, me, my mother, the bride and my sister. It was a wedding to remember.

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