Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Galway, Ireland

I guess it's time for me to update my blog. I've here in Galway, Ireland since January 18th 2013 on a church assignment. The people are wonderful. They are humble people and many are living in very humble circumstances bearly knowing where their next meals are coming from. That is why we are here to help them rise above their circumstances and keep the faith. We are teaching English language lessons and other basic needs. One thing they are not afraid to do is walk unlike North Americans who drive to the corner store. These people walk 40mins or more to church. Some drive 2 hours to come to church. They are so grateful for all they have. I live in a modest flat with no tv, or the modern appliances that I have at home. I do miss my art studio though, but I keep busy serving others and it is a lot more rewarding. Here are some pictures of Galway.

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  1. Love the photos you have posted!! Great doors!!Be sure to get some photos of the unique things that you will be able to use in your art later!!

    Glad things are going well!!