Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday night...

Well the weekends half over and what have I accomplished? I spend so much time with the group mail, adding swaps, deleting finished swaps, putting out fires and smoothing feathers. lol I had good intentions this week. I listed all the themes for the blog challenges and I was going to do them. Well, the next thing I know it's Friday night. I did manage 4 cards that I sent away to try out on a design team. Wish me luck. I was also going to try surprising my friend Laura with a doll this week...well that didn't happen either. Where has the time flown. August is half over. I hate to think of winter being around the corner, but I'm sure that those suffering in this heat are looking for cooler weather. I wonder if making Christmas cards would help? Have a creative weekend. Hope next week will be a more creative week. Enjoy the Journey.

1 comment:

  1. Funny how you make plans to get better organized or complete tasks and then the day or week is gone! Amazing! Good luck with your DT try out! Have a great Sunday!