Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where am I going?

I've thinking this morning about art and painting in particular. Coming from a tolepainting world, the restricted paint within the lines type stuff, which was hard to break away and find myself. This thinking is what nudged me in the naming this blog. I've noticed that painting as we know it or what we have been use to is moving into another sphere and has been for while...I'm just slow. There is more texture, more romance, more vintage but not primitive. Not to say I'll be throwing away my brushes, but will be using my paint and brushes in a new way. Adding texture paste, gel mediums, paper, photos, glazings, mists, glimmer, shimmer, distressing, aging, collages and among other things to add depth and tell a story. Is it Folk Art?....not realy. Is it abstract....not really; no not landscapes, or still life...but a story. Not sure what you call it except Mixed Media revival. A renaissance!! The strict type of painting is gone, now our brushes are free, rejunvenated. It taking me out into a new world, a new dimension, a freedom of expression in art. Using what I know and are comfortable with and adding something unknown. I find myself stretching...reaching up and out of the comfort zone.
I can only share my feelings today. My art for today will come later.

Have an art filled day!

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